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A New Lens of Digital Transformation – Product Modernization

A lot has been said about digital transformation in these last few years. But a new lens to look at it has come in with “product modernization”. It essentially signifies an accelerated drive to revamp a product for excelling in the industry by staying at par with and incorporating the latest set of technologies. Product modernization gives organizations a new kaleidoscope of innovation – a pathway of achieving and furthering digital transformation through their product. But in order to achieve so, there are surely some organizational-level roadblocks that one needs to overcome.

From an Opaque to a Rose-tinted Lens

The journey towards product modernization needs to be a well-planned and coherent effort. There are some fundamental changes that need to be brought within an organization to make this journey seamless. To name a few:

  • Technological transformation – Needless to say how technological readiness becomes a crucial factor for organizations in this quest – product modernization emanates from the technological core. To ensure accelerating this vision, organizations need to be equipped with robust technological frameworks and tools, and the bandwidth for scaling-up.
  • Cultural transformation – Albeit the umbrella picture of digital transformation needs to be driven by cutting-edge technologies and product innovation, but a bigger hurdle that needs to be overcome is by ingraining this transformed mindset within an organization’s culture. From the bottom-up, organizations should have the readiness as well as the willingness for adopting such a change. With product modernization, processes and frameworks are evolved and made more lateral (elaborated in the next section) – organizations need to be equipped in embedding this change wholeheartedly.
  • Strategic pathway ahead – To adopt product modernization, organizations should have a coherent pathway ahead. This entails an end-to-end blueprint of the processes, strategies, technologies or services that one would leverage – identifying all these, becomes a crucial step for the road ahead. This also is linked with the aforementioned nuance, wherein organizations need to let go of the siloed processes and should strategize and adopt agile and combinatorial frameworks.

Thus, to convert the opacity or the blurred vision of adopting product modernization, organizations need to be fully equipped at a technological, cultural and strategic level – a rose-tinted lens would be truly achievable only when these facets are taken into consideration.

Nuances within Product Modernization

Once the key facets at an organizational level are taken care of, the nuances that product modernization entails need to be looked at closely – to arrive at the right strategies of leveraging these. For elucidating a few:

  • Product development – Innovation within a product starts from the very inception of its being. Product development becomes the key in defining the way the software would be and its capabilities. At the level of a product’s idea as well as its development process, innovation needs to seep in. With the latest trend of OTT platform development, for instance, product modernization has become a reality – a new-age of technological interaction and media content has ushered in.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance – Product modernization also has its wings within testing and Quality Assurance (QA). Any product looking towards transformation needs to undertake end-to-end software testing across functional and non-functional test attributes – be it performance, security, accessibility or globalization and localization testing. Delivering quality using expedient tools and technologies becomes the key in product modernization.
  • DevOps – In line with a change in the cultural mindset to adopt product modernization, DevOps has become a go-to strategy for organizations by amalgamating development with operations. This has essentially brought in the aforementioned lateral processes wherein there is increased collaboration, knowledge sharing as well as deliverables are expedited. Along with DevOps services, efforts such as DevSecOps or AIOps are also accelerating product modernization or digital transformation as a whole. Newer technologies such as AI and ML are witnessing an immense boom for expediting organizational processes and frameworks.
  • Cloud infrastructure – Cloud has become the go-to platform for organizations – helping strengthen their hold across the world by bringing in scalability and agility. Cloud has presented the industry with unparalleled opportunities through its niche capabilities and security. With a DevOps-based framework and CI/CD pipelines, cloud offerings become more scalable and efficient. Cloud, thus becomes a pivotal facet to accelerate product modernization.

Thus, product modernization is the new digital transformation – it is a more nuanced approach in achieving efficiency and excellence by bringing in state-of-the-art innovation and processes. RTCTek leverages its expertise to clients worldwide by furthering product modernization from its very core. Our niche in leveraging expedient digital solutions with hands-on expertise in the latest set of tools and technologies, helps clients bring digital transformation to life.