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Media and Entertainments

We specialize in delivering state-of-the-art IT solutions tailored to the unique needs of the media and entertainment industry. Our mission is to empower media companies, content creators, and entertainment businesses with cutting-edge technologies to drive creativity, efficiency, and audience engagement.

We Help you Deliver Engaging Experiences to Users

The media and entertainment industry has witnessed a massive transformation over the last few decades. With enhanced technologies to accelerate the domain, Round The Clock Technologies leverages its expertise and solutions to an array of clients in this rich domain – creating and delivering products that speak to users. With the advent and popularization of OTT platforms in the light of the pandemic, the media and entertainment industry has seen an enormous boom – generating a need for robust digital engineering solutions. Our services include:

  • 1

    OTT platform solutions

  • 2

    End-to-end development and testing expertise

  • 3

    Coverage of non-functional test attributes - performance, security, accessibility, etc.

Media and Entertainment

Our Expertise Lies In

Custom OTT development and testing solutions

Functional delivery of media solutions

Hands-on experience in the latest tools and technologies

Robust processes for DevOps and cloud migration

Solutions for Businesses

Cloud Solutions

Make your cloud journey a seamless ride with us.

Quality Assurance

Deliver impeccable products with our testing and QA solutions.

Software Development

Leverage our cutting-edge development solutions.

Latest blogs

Delve into the latest digital and technological trends in the industry.

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