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Performance Testing Services

Delivering the fastest software performance testing and tuning services by meeting the target of completing the scripting in just 24 hours. Leverage our expertise to deliver fast, scalable and reliable software products to your customers.

We Identify and Mitigate Performance Risks Instantly

It takes several weeks/months to complete software performance testing and tuning process. We guarantee the process completion in a few days by meeting the target of completing the scripting in just 24 hours.

Our experts follow a comprehensive performance engineering process to identify and eliminate every anomaly from your products at the early stage of the software development life cycle.

With our expertise in performance testing for speed, scalability, and reliability, your products will excel in performance, scale seamlessly, and exhibit unwavering dependability.

We tune your application so that the response time stays around 400 ms which helps in better SEO leading to more engagement and optimizing the existing content.

We simulate high user traffic, identify performance bottlenecks, and optimize resource allocation for seamless user experiences, enhanced efficiency, and scalability.

Ensure Performance Excellence with Our Testing and Tuning Services

Load Testing Services

We create right-sized tests that match your existing/anticipated usage patterns. We also generate reusable baseline tests that can be used to compare the performance of new builds.

Chaos Testing Services

With Chaos testing we evaluate the resilience of the system in different chaotic situations such as network disruption, failure of other dependencies, or hardware malfunctioning.

Scalability Testing Services

We help you create a smarter software solution that is scalable horizontally as well as vertically. We also make sure that your product can withstanding sudden peaks of traffic at all levels.

Stability Testing Services

We verify the behavior of the application in different environmental conditions to understand the ability of the product functionality over time without failure.

Stress Testing Services

Our software testing verifies the stability & reliability of software applications. We ensure that your software does not crash under critical situations.

Software Right Sizing

With our decades of experience in software performance engineering services, we help in developing right sized performance tests for your business.

Performance Testing Services

Our Unique Edge in Software Performance Testing

Elevate Your Software Quality With Our Comprehensive Performance Testing Services

Reduce Time-to-Market

By ensuring that your software is thoroughly tested and ready for deployment, organizations can significantly reduce the time it takes to bring products or services to market. This agility is crucial for staying ahead of the competition and capitalizing swiftly on emerging market trends and opportunities.

Outperform Competitors

Investing in performance testing isn't just about meeting basic requirements. Organizations that prioritize high-performing software gain a competitive advantage by delivering a superior user experience. This distinction helps attract and retain customers in a fiercely competitive landscape, positioning your products or services as the go-to choice for end-users.

Scalability Assurance

Our performance testing solutions extend to evaluating the scalability of your application. We assess its ability to handle increasing user loads and growing data volumes with ease. This scalability assurance is crucial for businesses anticipating future growth. It instills confidence that your software can scale seamlessly without compromising performance.

Reliability and Stability

Investing in performance testing isn't just about meeting basic requirements. Organizations that prioritize high-performing software gain a competitive advantage by delivering a superior user experience. This distinction helps attract and retain customers in a fiercely competitive landscape, positioning your products or services as the go-to choice for end-users.

Benchmarking and Comparison

Our testing services enable you to establish benchmarks and metrics for your application. This data empowers informed decision-making by providing insights into performance standards. We help you compare your application's performance against predefined benchmarks for continuous improvement. This ensures that your software consistently meets or exceeds expectations.

Cost Optimization

We offer a proactive approach to cost savings by detecting and resolving performance issues early in the development lifecycle. By addressing potential problems before release, you can significantly reduce costs associated with post-release bug fixes and customer support. Our services help you avoid revenue loss by ensuring a high level of user satisfaction through superior performance.

Compliance and SLA Adherence

In regulated industries, compliance with specific standards is paramount. Our performance testing services include a focus on regulatory requirements, ensuring that your application meets necessary compliance standards and maintains adherence to service-level agreements. By partnering with us, you can mitigate legal and financial risks associated with non-compliance.


How Do We Redefine Software Excellence?

1. Initial Assessment & Planning

We start by understanding client requirements and objectives, assessing the current system's architecture, technology stack, and expected user load, and then defining the scope, objectives, and KPIs for testing.

2. Tailored Test Environment Setup

We create a test environment that mirrors real-world conditions. This involves configuring hardware, software, and networks to mimic production while ensuring scalability for diverse load scenarios.

3. Strategic Test Design & Execution

Our process involves meticulous test design, focusing on critical user workflows. We craft scripts that authentically replicate user behavior, executing tests to evaluate system performance rigorously.

4. Analyzing, Optimizing, and Reporting

After testing, we conduct a thorough analysis of the results. We identify any areas where the system faced challenges. Our detailed reports provide actionable insights that serve as a roadmap for driving enhancements and optimizations.

5. Feedback & Continuous Improvement

We cultivate a culture of ongoing improvement by adapting to feedback and evolving system needs. Our collaboration extends beyond testing; we aim to improve and maintain optimal performance standards.

Reduce Testing Timeline by 80% with Our AI-Based Performance Testing Accelerator

With our in-house cutting-edge tool, we aim to transform the way performance testing is conducted, making it more efficient, accurate, and timesaving. Our AI-Based Performance Testing Accelerator is designed to significantly cut down on performance testing timelines with an 80% reduction in the overall testing process.

Manual Execution

One of the standout features of our accelerator is its ability to streamline manual execution. With the AI-based web accelerator, you can effortlessly record your test flow, allowing the system to intelligently apply logic and generate correlated performance scripts. This not only saves valuable time but also enhances the accuracy of your performance testing. 

Automated Execution

Our AI-based accelerator add-in captures and analyzes every step performed during both manual and automated executions. What sets it apart is its unique capability to develop performance scripts by closely studying the application’s network traffic. This automated approach ensures that your performance scripts accurately represent real-world scenarios.

The Operational Dynamics of Our AI-Based Performance Testing Accelerator

Recording Test Flow

The initial phase of our AI-based web accelerator involves the seamless recording of your manual test flow. With precision and efficiency, the accelerator meticulously captures each critical step and interaction as you navigate through the application. This meticulous recording process establishes a comprehensive foundation, offering a detailed representation of the testing scenario.

Logic Application

Upon the recorded test flow, our accelerator deploys advanced logic to enhance the generated performance scripts. Through meticulous correlation application, the system ensures that the performance scripts faithfully replicate real-world user interactions. This strategic integration of logic is pivotal in crafting a testing environment that accurately mirrors the complexities associated with user engagement, thus elevating the authenticity of the testing process.

Automated Script Generation

As testing procedures unfold, the accelerator actively captures and analyzes the intricate network traffic within the application. This exhaustive data, replete with valuable insights, serves as the cornerstone for automated script generation. By adeptly translating this data into detailed performance scripts, the accelerator eliminates the exigency for manual script creation—an arduous process in traditional testing methodologies. This not only amplifies operational efficiency but also ensures that the scripts align seamlessly with the dynamic nature of real-world application usage.

Advanced Software Performance Testing and Tuning Tools We Utilize

Screen Reader Testing Tools

Apache Jmeter for Performance Testing Services | Round The Clock Technologies

Apache JMeter

Apache JMeter is an open source tool which is a purely Java based software. We utilize this tool for load testing, functional testing, & measuring performance.



NeoLoad is a hybrid tool used in stress and load testing to ensure end-to-end quality performance of your mobile and web applications.



LoadRunner is a commercial tool used to test applications, measuring system behavior, and its performance under load.



Gatling is an open source load testing tool created for continuous load testing you application. It easily integrates with your development pipeline.

Performance Monitoring Tools



Apache JMeter is an open-source tool which is a purely Java based software. We utilize this tool for load testing, functional testing, & measuring performance.



Dynatrace is a software intelligence which is a purely Java based software. We utilize this tool for load testing, functional testing, and measuring performance.



Grafana is an open source data visualization platform that allows users to see their data via charts and graphs on a single dashboard. It allows easy data analysis, trend identification, and make processes more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

We utilize a robust and flexible toolbox of performance testing tools to cater to diverse application types and test requirements. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Load Testing Tools: JMeter, LoadRunner, Gatling, ApacheBench, Locust  
2. API Testing Tools: Postman, SoapUI, Swagger, API Fortress  
3. Monitoring Tools: New Relic, Dynatrace, AppDynamics, Prometheus  
4. Cloud-based Solutions: AWS Load Testing, Google Cloud Load Testing, Azure Load Testing  
5. Scriptless Testing Options: Katalon Studio, Tricentis Tosca

We choose the specific tools based on your application technology, budget, and required features. We believe in staying adaptable and utilizing the latest tools to ensure efficient and effective performance testing.

Absolutely! We have extensive experience handling performance testing for a wide range of applications, including web, mobile, API, desktop, and more. Our team possesses expertise in various software platforms and technologies. Therefore, we can efficiently adapt to your specific requirements.

To understand your application thoroughly, we start by gathering details about its architecture, technology stack, and expected user behavior. This allows us to design customized test scenarios and choose the most appropriate tools for accurate performance assessment. 

We track a comprehensive set of performance metrics tailored to your application’s specific needs. Some key metrics include:

1. Response Time: Tracks the duration for the application to respond to an end-user’s request.  
2. Throughput: Measures the number of transactions the application can handle per unit of time.  
3. Resource Utilization: Monitors CPU, memory, disk, and network usage to identify potential bottlenecks.  
4. Error Rates: Tracks the percentage of requests that encounter errors during testing.  
5. User Experience Metrics: Measures aspects like page load times, scroll smoothness, and overall responsiveness.

We believe in analyzing metrics beyond just numbers, correlating them with real-world user experience, and providing actionable insights for performance improvement.  

We prioritize accuracy and reliability in our performance testing practices. Here are some primary metrics we consider:

1. Test Script Validation: Thoroughly review and validate test scripts to ensure they accurately reflect real-user behavior and expected load conditions.
2. Data-Driven Testing: Utilize realistic test data to avoid skewing results and ensure representative scenarios.  
3. Environment Control: Control and monitor test environments to minimize external factors influencing results.  
4. Statistical Analysis: Apply statistical analysis techniques to evaluate the significance of test results and identify trends.  
5. Calibration and Iteration: Continuously refine and adapt test scenarios based on initial results and ongoing monitoring.  

We understand the importance of integrating performance testing into your CI/CD pipeline for early detection and prevention of performance issues. We offer various options for seamless integration:

1. Tool-specific Plugins: Leverage existing plugins that connect performance testing tools with your CI/CD platform.  
2. API integration: Use our APIs to trigger performance tests automatically within your pipeline workflow.  
3. Custom scripting: Develop custom scripts for integrating performance testing with your specific CI/CD environment.

We collaborate with your team to choose the most effective integration approach and ensure smooth automation of performance testing within your existing CI/CD workflow.  

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