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Accessibility Remediation Services

Our Accessibility Remediation Services are designed to ensure that your digital content is accessible to individuals with disabilities. We are dedicated to helping you meet accessibility standards, improve user experience, and foster inclusivity.

Uncover and Remediate all Issues with our Accessibility Remediation Services

Accessibility Audit and Evaluation

Our comprehensive audit assesses your website, mobile app, or digital documents’ accessibility compliance. We provide a detailed report highlighting areas of improvement and recommendations for remediation.

Website Remediation

We specialize in remediating websites to ensure they meet WCAG and accessibility standards. Our team of experts will modify the code, optimize content, and implement best practices to enhance the accessibility of your website.

Mobile App Remediation

We offer mobile app accessibility remediation services, ensuring that your iOS and Android applications are accessible to all users. Our experts will review the app’s interface, navigation, and functionality, making necessary modifications for improved accessibility.

Document Remediation

We provide document accessibility remediation services, making your PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and other digital documents accessible to individuals with disabilities. Our team will remediate the documents, ensuring proper structure, alternative text, and readability.

508 Remediation

Our experts are well-versed in Section 508 compliance, the accessibility standard for federal agencies in the United States. We offer 508 remediation services, ensuring that your digital content, websites, and applications adhere to the requirements outlined by Section 508.

Barrier Identification and Remediation

Our team meticulously identifies and addresses barriers that hinder accessibility. We conduct a comprehensive review of your digital properties, including navigation, forms, multimedia, and interactive elements, ensuring they meet accessibility standards.

Code Remediation

Our skilled developers optimize the codebase of your website or application to ensure compliance with accessibility standards. We modify HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other code elements, making your digital properties more compatible with assistive technologies.

Content Optimization

We assist in optimizing the content of your digital properties for accessibility. This includes providing descriptive alternative text for images, captioning videos, and structuring content for easy navigation and comprehension.

Assistive Technology Testing

We conduct extensive testing with a range of assistive technologies, including screen readers, magnifiers, and voice recognition software. This testing ensures that your digital properties are fully compatible and delivers an optimal experience to users with disabilities.
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What Sets Us Apart in Accessibility Remediation

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