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Round the clock technologies

Mobile testing

Ensure compatibility, usability, best performance and deliver seamless experience to end users with mobile app testing services

Mobile application testing solutions can check the apps on all parameters contributing to creation of ultimate user experience

Every business finds mobile applications an easy way to reach customers. But, not all deliver the results as expected. What sets an application apart from the rest is its excellence in performance, high usability, better accessibility features and most importantly, ability to load up fast and manage concurrent users. The professional mobile app testing services can help you plug all the loopholes just in time and speed up the development process.

Mobile application testing solutions from RTC Tek are helmed by the best hands in the industry. We are a team of experts who employ automated and industry-approved tools to ascertain the effectiveness of mobile applications in meeting the customer expectation. With our solutions, we are confident of helping you roll out mobile apps that spell better conversion rate and enhanced customer loyalty.

Round the Clock Mobile App testing services offer niche solutions to the businesses and help them reach the audience through applications tested thoroughly on both functional and non-functional attributes. Also, the expertise in covering all trending app types through automated testing frameworks through open-source solutions help us deliver the most optimal results, every time, and on repeat.

Tools and Technologies

RTC Tek experts emanate confidence in their tests and employ time-forward solutions like AR(Augmented Reality), intuitive test cases etc. due to their expertise in tools and technologies, such as:


Why RTC Tek for Mobile App Testing Service

Customised Automation Framework for Wider coverage

Enjoy faster automation testing and deliver applications for wider audience with single framework for Android, iOs and web applications

End-to-end coverage of all mobile app features

We employ automated mobile app testing solutions to check usability, device-friendliness, easy navigability, robustness and other criteria to ensure product’s excellence on all fronts

All types of mobile apps covered

RTC Tek is the single window service for performing tests on native, hybrid as well as web apps. Assure extended reach to your customers with unrivaled ease wherever they are

Accurate tests with right solutions, always!

Our gamut of mobile app test scenarios are written with unparalleled accuracy in focus. We strive to deliver effective test results by hiring experts conversant with industry-approved solutions

Reliable combination of open-source and commercial solutions

At RTC Tek, the emphasis is on the use of both open-source and commercial solutions so that the best technologies are leveraged to deliver results, flawless and fully compliant!

Completely customized testing solutions

Our mobile app testing solutions are designed to fit all environments and platforms used for development. The testing tools are easily blendable and deliver results seamless and fast

Intuitive testing – a specialty

Round the Clock technologies proves to be a dependable testing solution owing to the intuitive approach and clarity with which it performs all checks. 

Ultimate user experience on all possible platforms

Our Mobile App Testing services help achieve applications, whether wearable, web, or mobile, that meet the customer expectations and redefine convenience

End-to-End Mobile App Testing Service

We strive to help you deliver excellent mobile applications with a wide array of tests. Our experts are the masters of the trending tests suitable for improving various aspects of mobile app performance, including:

Value Proposition:  

  • 1

    All access points covered: Reach us for mobile testing services that proves its relevance for applications accessible on desktop, mobile, wearable interfaces.

  • 2

    End-to-end coverage: Every functional and non-functional attribute covered in the mobile app testing services

  • 3

    Platform-compatibility: Your app may be designed for multiple platforms such as Linux, iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and others; our testing services is compatible to all

  • 4

    Augmented reality and other time-forward tools: Reaching us takes you a step closer to applications tested with time-forward solutions that promote intuitive working and artificially learned instances

  • 5

    Comfortable with additional complexities: UI-based testing ensures that all additional complexities are tested with similar ease and seamlessness, allowing us to be confident of managing all critical tests. It helps you find us relevant for all mobile app types and access point experiences.

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