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Accessibility Testing Services

Digital inclusivity is one of the key needs to make products accessible to everyone including blind and visually impaired. Utilize our niche capabilities for end-to-end accessibility testing services and ensure that your product meets global compliances.

Our Proven Methodology for Inclusive Digital Experiences

Our accessibility testing experts follows a comprehensive and structured approach to evaluate your digital assets. We assess your website or application against international accessibility standards, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, ensuring compliance and identifying areas that need improvement.

To ensure end-to-end web accessibility of the product, we offer the most reliable testing services. Our proven accessibility testing services are helmed by visually impaired and low-vision engineers, who understand the needs and test them to ensure ease of application at the user’s end. We ensure product compatibility with end users’ disabilities with its reliable and real user testing services.

Our team of non-sighted and subject matter experts follows an amalgamated digital accessibility testing approach to identify and fix critical bugs. Our paired testing approach offers a variable standpoint that includes the voices of real users with disabilities, in aligning a product with their needs. It helps in resolving the pain points of real users while accessing and using the products.

Accessibility today has gone beyond just manual testing and the age of automation and AI has seamlessly paved its way within. With a balanced synergy between manual and automation approach within web accessibility testing and tuning services, we offer a cohesive and efficient framework to ensure that digitally inclusive products hit the shelves.

We follow shift left as well as shift right approach when it comes to digital accessibility testing services. From incorporating accessibility from the need analysis of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to offering accessibility remediations services after release, our comprehensive testing and tuning expertise help in making your product accessible for all.

Our accessibility testing and tuning experts adhere to the latest accessibility guidelines and norms including ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), Section 508, or WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). We ensure that a product is legally sound, complies to all accessibility norms, and accessible to the end users.


Securing Your Brand and Customers with Digital Accessibility Testing and Tuning Services

Desktop Applications

We utilize assistive technology to make Desktop Applications accessible for all.

We identify & remediate accessibility issues in websites to make them accessible for all.
We ensure seamless accessibility for all types of your documents.
Mobile Applications
We utilize assistive technology to make Mobile Applications accessible for all.
Accessibility Remediation Services by Round The Clock Technologies

What Sets Us Apart in Web Accessibility Testing Services


Cutting-Edge Accessibility Testing Tools We Use

We utilize efficient tools with next-gen capabilities to elevate user experience with assistive technology

Testing Tools

Jaws, a screen reader software for accessibility. The image showcases the Jaws logo. Round The Clock Technologies prioritizes inclusive web development with Jaws


JAWS (Job Access with Speech) is a popular screen reader software for Windows. It is used as an accessibility testing tool to evaluate the accessibility of web content and software applications.

NVDA, a popular screen reader software for enhanced accessibility. The image features the NVDA logo. NVDA empowers visually impaired users to access digital content effectively. Round The Clock Technologies embraces accessibility by utilizing NVDA for inclusive web development and testing services.


NVDA (Non-Visual Desktop Access) is an open-source screen reader software that evaluates the accessibility of web and software applications. It provides access to the computer and the internet for visual impairments and blind users.

Narrator, a built-in screen reader in Windows operating systems, providing accessibility for visually impaired users. The image showcases the Narrator logo. Narrator enables individuals with visual impairments to access digital content effectively. Round The Clock Technologies prioritizes accessibility by utilizing Narrator for inclusive web development and testing services.


A screen reader software that comes pre-installed with Windows 10 and 11. It allows access to the computer and the internet for visual impairments. It helps ensure web and application accessibility to blind and visually impaired users.

TalkBack, an Android screen reader for accessibility. The image showcases the TalkBack logo. Round The Clock Technologies prioritizes inclusive mobile app development with TalkBack.


TalkBack is designed by Google to help visually impaired individuals use their Android devices easily by providing spoken feedback about what is happening on the screen. With spoken feedback, it also provides notifications.

VoiceOver, an Apple screen reader for accessibility. The image showcases the VoiceOver logo. Round The Clock Technologies prioritizes inclusive app development with VoiceOver.


VoiceOver is a built-in screen reader feature on Apple devices to make devices accessible to users with visual impairments. It reads aloud the text on the screen and also provides additional information including button labels and other interface elements.

Automation Tools

Axe, an open-source accessibility testing tool for web development. The image showcases the Axe logo. Round The Clock Technologies prioritizes inclusive web development with Axe.


Axe is a user interface accessibility testing tool that allows automating accessibility testing in addition to conventional functional testing. It is quick, secure, lightweight, and was built to seamlessly interact with any testing environment already in use.

ANDI, an accessibility inspection tool for web content. The image features the ANDI logo. Round The Clock Technologies prioritizes inclusive web experiences with ANDI.


ANDI (Accessible Name and Description Inspector) is developed by the Social Security Administration (SSA). This browser extension allows developers and designers to check the accessibility of their websites by analyzing HTML and CSS code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accessibility testing is a comprehensive evaluation of your digital product – website, app, or software – to ensure it is usable for individuals with disabilities, including vision or hearing impairments, motor limitations, and cognitive differences. By employing various accessibility testing methods, we verify that your digital assets conform to established accessibility standards, fostering a truly inclusive user experience. 

The benefits of accessibility testing are multifaceted:  

1. Expand your reach: Tap into a vast, often-overlooked segment of potential users i.e. millions of individuals with disabilities.  

2. Enhance user experience for all: Clear design, intuitive navigation, and accessible content benefit all users, not just those with disabilities.

3. Boost brand reputation: Showing commitment to inclusion and social responsibility elevates your brand image and fosters trust with diverse audiences.

4. Mitigate legal risks: Many countries have accessibility regulations, and compliance is crucial to avoid potential legal ramifications.

We adhere to internationally recognized accessibility standards such as WCAG 2.1. Moreover, we’re well-versed in and adhere to specific regulations that might apply in different regions or industries. The standards and guidelines that we adhere to are listed below:

1. Internationally Recognized Standards: RTCTek follows a set of guidelines called the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 and 2.2. We’re well-versed in its four guiding principles (perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust) and the associated success criteria at levels A, AA, and AAA. Whether you’re aiming for basic conformance (A) or comprehensive inclusion (AAA), we tailor our testing to your desired level of accessibility.

2. Testing Trends and Best Practices: Beyond regulatory compliance, we stay abreast of the latest accessibility trends and best practices. We actively participate in industry forums, utilize cutting-edge testing methodologies, and continuously refine our approach to address emerging accessibility challenges.

3. Expertise in Region-Specific Regulations: We understand the importance of navigating local regulations specific to your target audience. In the US, Section 508 compliance for government websites and Section 255 for federal procurement are crucial considerations. We bring extensive experience in both areas, ensuring your offerings meet all necessary accessibility standards and stay compliant with legal requirements. 

We use a paired testing method, combining non-sighted experts and sighted engineers. This approach merges digital accessibility testing methods to pinpoint and resolve critical bugs effectively. By incorporating real users’ perspectives, especially those with disabilities, our approach addresses genuine user challenges encountered while accessing and using products. Our comprehensive accessibility testing approach involves a combination of methodologies, which include:

1. Manual testing: This is done by utilizing assistive technologies like screen readers and specialized keyboards, our accessibility experts simulate diverse user experiences and identify potential barriers.  

2. Automated testing: We leverage industry-standard tools like Lighthouse and WAVE to perform automated scans and flag potential accessibility issues for further investigation.

3. Expert reviews: Our seasoned accessibility testing experts analyze your code, content, and design elements, providing in-depth recommendations for optimal accessibility.  

Absolutely! We go beyond mere identification; we collaborate with your team to implement effective accessibility remediation strategies. We aim to ensure a smooth transition toward an accessible digital landscape for all users.  


Yes, we possess extensive experience in Section 508 compliance testing. We assist you in navigating the intricate technical and legal requirements. This ensures your digital offerings meet all necessary accessibility standards and comply with relevant regulations.

WCAG compliance is our forte! We understand the different conformance levels (A, AA, AAA) and can tailor our accessibility testing and remediation strategies to meet your specific needs and target audience. Whether you aim for basic accessibility (A) or comprehensive inclusion (AAA), we guide you toward achieving the desired level of compliance.

By partnering with us for accessibility testing services, you gain access to a comprehensive range of accessibility expertise for delivering inclusive digital experiences that benefit everyone. Feel free to reach out for further consultation for a more accessible and equitable digital world.

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