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As digital inclusion becomes the need of the hour, making products accessible to each and every individual has become imperative. This not just includes the need to conduct an end-to-end accessibility testing effort but also coherent compliance to the latest accessibility norms and guidelines such as Section 508 or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Why Us

To create a digitally inclusive space, Round The Clock Technologies leverages its niche capabilities to help clients meet the best parameters of accessibility. With hands-on expertise in the latest set of tools and technologies that are suitable for providing seasoned accessibility testing services, we help in chalking out a wholesome journey towards digital inclusion – from conducting a cohesive accessibility testing effort to WCAG compliance testing.

  • Testing with real users – To deliver any product that is end-to-end accessible, it needs to be tested for a promise of delivery from the user’s perspective. When it comes to assuring products’ compatibility with users’ disabilities, Round The Clock Technologies offers the most reliable testing processes. Our proven accessibility testing services are helmed by visually impaired and low-vision engineers, who understand the needs and test them to ensure ease of application at the user’s end.

  • Paired testing approach – Round The Clock Technologies offers a unique accessibility testing effort through a “paired testing approach”. This essentially includes an amalgamated testing effort between a differently-abled engineer and an SME (Subject Matter Expert) to identify and fix realistic and critical bugs – the pain points that real-users face while interacting with products. This approach offers a variable standpoint which includes the voices of the real users with disabilities, in aligning a product with their needs.

  • WCAG compliance testing – Adhering to the latest set of accessibility guidelines and norms such as ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), Section 508, or WCAG, makes a product end-to-end accessible. RTC Tek helps achieve this with its grounded experience in the domain of making legally sound and compliant products.

  • Automation and accessibility – Accessibility today has gone beyond just manual testing and the age of automation and AI has seamlessly paved its way within. With a balanced synergy between manual and automation testing efforts within accessibility testing, RTC offers a cohesive and efficient framework to ensure that digitally inclusive products hit the shelves. AI and ML technologies are also crystallizing their footprints in the domain by offering relevant, expedient, scalable, and intuitive solutions.

  • Accessibility remediations – Round The Clock Technologies offers a shift-left as well as a shift-right approach when it comes to accessibility testing. From incorporating accessibility from the need analysis of a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to offering accessibility remediations post-release as well, RTC Technologies leverages its comprehensive expertise in making a product accessible.


  • RTC Tek Accessibility testing services can help businesses expand their user base and make products feasible to use for all

  • Inclusion of accessibility promoting features during the SDLC is speeding up the product development to enable staying ahead of the competition


  • The approach to making products perfect for all gets easier to achieve with the WCAG compliance testing feature


  • Dedicated services to clients help us be there throughout the development process and ensure that accessibility features are invariably included and tested for effectiveness before the final product announcement.

Tools and Technologies 

Accessibility Testing Tools and Screen Readers that help us deliver excellent results:


Value Proposition:  

  • 1

    Trust us for Realistic and relevant results, we keep up with trends and help you design products that can solve real-world problems faced by users who are at varying degrees of being differently-abled

  • 2

    VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) report for cogent deliverables speaks of the transparency and systematic approach we intend to follow in our testing process

  • 3

    End-to-end accessibility testing and compliance to ensure that the product, on the whole, serves the needs of the end-users the best, and has the flexibility to complement multifarious disabilities

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