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Cloud Security Services

Our Cloud Security Services employ advanced methods to counter unauthorized access, prevent data leaks, and mitigate service disruptions, safeguarding your cloud infrastructure and data from potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Unlocking Excellence with Reliable Cloud Security Services

Round The Clock Technologies’ cloud security services are meticulously designed to provide comprehensive protection for your cloud infrastructure while ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Our cloud security services incorporate multi-factor authentication (MFA) and strict identity and access management protocols. By ensuring that only authorized personnel can access your cloud environment, we prevent unauthorized intrusion and data breaches.  

We deploy cutting-edge cloud security monitoring tools that offer real-time visibility into your cloud infrastructure. Our security experts are vigilant in identifying and mitigating potential threats, minimizing the risk of cyberattacks.  

Our cloud security services include end-to-end encryption of your data, both in transit and at rest. This assures that in the event of data interception, the information remains incomprehensible to unauthorized individuals or malicious entities.  

Our cloud engineering experts conduct comprehensive security audits and vulnerability assessments to identify weak points in your cloud setup. It allows us to fortify your infrastructure against emerging threats.

Our cloud security services include robust Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection. We implement strategies to absorb and mitigate DDoS attacks, ensuring uninterrupted access to your cloud resources.

Customized Cloud Security Services and Solutions for Your Unique Requirements​

Cloud Security Consultation

We begin by understanding your business needs and current cloud setup. This enables us to tailor cloud security solutions to your specific requirements.

Regular Risk Assessment

Our cloud security experts perform a comprehensive risk evaluation to pinpoint potential weaknesses. This forms the basis of our cloud security strategy and services.

Customized Security Plan

Based on the risk assessment by our cloud experts, we design a comprehensive security plan that covers access controls, encryption, monitoring, and incident response.

Security Implementation

We meticulously implement security measures in alignment with the plan, prioritizing minimal disruption to your ongoing operations to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted workflow.

Continuous Monitoring and Improvement

Our cloud security team continuously monitors your cloud environment, adapting security measures to counter new threats and challenges.

Streamline Operations and Foster Growth with Robust Cloud Security

Utilize the potential of cloud computing to improve effectiveness, scalability, and innovation. Our team customizes cloud security services based on your business type, industry, and specific cloud needs. Recognizing the critical significance of securing your cloud infrastructure, we adhere to industry best practices and standards to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of your data.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Our team collaborates with your organization to understand security regulations specific to your industry. We understand the challenges related to data storage and sovereignty and are help you navigate them effectively.

Auditing and Reporting

Regular auditing and reporting are at the core of our cloud security services. We provide comprehensive audit reports for the security of sensitive information. It also follows security audit rules, like ISO 27001. 

Managing People And Roles

User access control and identity management are crucial for cloud security. Our team implements fine-grained access control and supports multi-factor authentication for enhanced user security.

Data and Information Protection

Securing your data is our top priority. We keep a detailed list of all the data used/stored in your cloud setup. Our team outlines specific roles and responsibilities for various individuals involved in managing data.

Privacy Policies

Our team ensures the effective protection of personally identifiable information (PII). Our experts ensure that you are fully aware of data protection laws and regulations applicable to your industry.

Security for Cloud Applications

We conduct thorough security assessments for your cloud applications. Based on the cloud services model; we assist in establishing and ensuring the right security measures for each application. 

Ensuring Controls for Physical Infrastructure Security

We conduct comprehensive assessments of the physical infrastructure of the cloud and facilities to ensure they meet security requirements. This is because the security of physical infrastructure is often neglected

Managing Security Terms in Cloud Service Agreements

Cloud service agreements are the foundation of our cloud security services. We carefully review and analyze these agreements to ensure that they explicitly specify security responsibilities for the organization. 

ISO/IEC 27000 Family of ISMS (Information Security Management System)

ISO 27001

We help you establish a best-practice ISMS that manages your organization's sensitive data and associated policies and procedures.

ISO 27002

Our team provides guidelines for the implementation and management of practices related to your Organizational Information Security Management System ISMS.

ISO 27017

We assist in implementing security controls for your cloud-based services, ensuring that your information is safe, even in the cloud environment.

ISO 27018

Our focus on ISO 27018 is essential for cloud computing organizations. We help protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) stored & processed in the cloud.

Zero Trust Model for Enhanced Cloud Security​

The Zero Trust model ensures that no one is inherently trusted. Instead, rigorous identity verification is mandatory for every user, device, and application seeking access to resources on your private network.

Zero Trust Model for Enhanced Cloud Security

Core Principles of Zero Trust Model

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