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A Seamless Amalgamation of DevOps and AIOps

DevOps is already making its footprints known in the industry, aggressively. But a new nuance which is paving its way and is the future as well, is AIOps. Artificial Intelligence has already come in as a revolutionary technology, which has presented the digital world with a new set of eyes and efficiency. Using AI and ML algorithms, there have been an array of value-add facets that have come into being. When it comes to AIOps, a new trend is being seen within the industry to make processes much more expedient and seamless.

The Advent of AIOps

AIOps is essentially amalgamating AI with operations to achieve faster results and expedite operational processes. As the process goes for DevOps, AIOps also requires a complete transformation of an organization’s culture and mindset. With the use of high automation in picture, organizations can witness efficiency in no time. The facets that become important for adopting AIOps are:

  1. Adopting AI – The first important facet is to understand the very essence of AI and its growing role in the digital domain. Many organizations face hiccups in this very step to understand and embrace this technology, comprehensively. AI-driven solutions and processes have an enormous value-add to organizations. Adopting AI should be a strategy seamlessly chosen than hesitated against.
  2. Change in mindset – Organizations often follow a siloed culture of operations and other processes. But to change this mindset and move to a more agile work environment, AI has become extremely promising. Although some organizational processes are getting automated, there is a lot of scope for efficiency that can be achieved by seamlessly integrating AI within these operations. With AI in picture, the operational end of processes can become more expedient – managing heaps of data, streamlining operations, saving time, costs and resources, etc. Thus, a change in mindset becomes the first important step, followed by the actual implementation.
  3. Optimizing resources – AI can help truncate the precious time spent on repetitive tasks that can easily be automated. With AI, not only is efficiency achieved but predictive analysis becomes a reality as well – helping make expedient business decisions. Resources can be effectively engaged in core business areas than in tasks which can easily be handled with AI.

AI has a lot to offer, especially with the industry moving towards a nimble style of functioning. This requires embracing newer technologies coherently to expedite processes. With the onslaught of COVID-19, all businesses have shifted to a hybrid working environment. This has only amplified the need to incorporate AI within operational processes for bringing in efficiency during these challenging times, as well.

Amalgamating DevOps and AIOps

Taking a step towards the future as well, DevOps is already the strategy in “trend”. To have it amalgamated with AIOps would surely lead to greater efficiency in processes and deliverables. Just as DevSecOps, DevAIOps can become a more nuanced method of end-to-end development, release and monitoring – all driven by AI. This would produce more accurate deliverables than just pure automation and would help organizations reach a point wherein most of the tasks which require human inputs, are purely driven by AI.

That being said, human intervention cannot be replaced – not ever. Intuition and logic are areas wherein AI would be too far-fetched a technology to perform as expected. Be it DevOps or AIOps or even DevAIOps, human-centric processes will still play a crucial role in decision making, logical error handling, etc. But an amalgamation of the two can bring in more comprehensive results and make processes much faster. Thus, amalgamating not just DevOps and AIOps but also AI with real human-intervention would help produce cohesive and wholesome deliverables.

Thus, AIOps has surely a long way to go – for organizations to realize its importance and expedite their functions and processes. But to realize this vision, understanding this as an ongoing journey becomes a first. With the industry moving towards agility, DevOps has already entered the picture and other technologies are now following pursuit. And so, DevOps and AIOps can together bring in a revolution – an unparalleled level of efficiency that the industry would soon witness and adopt seamlessly.