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Kickstart your Career in DevOps

With digital transformation becoming the way-of-the-world today, DevOps has become a progressive and lucrative field for novices looking for a career in the technological domain. It is a given that a specialized skill set becomes a prerequisite for a career in DevOps, but there are an array of other factors to take into consideration as well. With numerous organizations laying their foundation on the cloud, DevOps services have become important and a go-to career opportunity for people with an IT background. But before delving into the various factors within a DevOps career, let’s take a quick look at the essence of DevOps itself.

Overview of DevOps

A seamless amalgamation of development and operations culminates into what we call “DevOps” today. This amalgamation essentially helps in expediting a software’s development process on cloud and realizes frequent iterations in an SDLC. Organizations wanting to shift on the cloud, need to incorporate DevOps into their processes to make their journey smoother. A DevOps approach not only helps in expediting the processes, but also in increasing effective collaboration between teams.

Why Should You Start a Career in DevOps?

DevOps is increasingly becoming a desired profession for people with an IT background as it offers immense growth and opportunities. As 2022 has paved its way, the technological domain has witnessed a drastic transformation as well. To name a few factors that would become pivotal in making DevOps a career aspiration for many –

  • Collaboration – DevOps, as mentioned, is an amalgamation of development and IT teams – which in itself brings about a conducive platform to collaborate and expedite an SDLC. With DevOps, teams can contribute to each other’s work seamlessly and knowledge-sharing is enhanced.
  • Automation – DevOps services offer greater and enhanced automation with CI/CD pipelines in the picture. With automation as the driving force, complexities in an SDLC are brought down to a minimum, defects or anomalies are detected with greater efficiency and the whole process in itself is augmented.
  • DevSecOps – A career in DevOps is never limited to just the field – with coming times, more nuanced domains have been integrated into the field, specifically in terms of DevSecOps. An amalgamation of security intricacies within the SDLC process has brought in a much needed change for eliminating security vulnerabilities from the very get-go. Security, needless to say, has become a key area in this day and age. To keep vulnerabilities and cyber attacks at bay, organizations are increasingly adopting this new approach of DevSecOps and require specialized professionals in the domain – thus, increasing the need for a career in the field.
  • AIOps – Along with DevSecOps, newer technologies such as AI and ML are becoming pivotal within DevOps. AIOps is helping change the domain by predictive analysis and effective data management. With this in picture, not just DevOps but the whole lifecycle of a product is enhanced comprehensively.

Thus, a career in DevOps can enhance not just one’s technical skills and capabilities but also bring in greater teamwork and cross-functional expertise. DevOps services in India and worldwide have a promising future ahead, since organizations’ dependence on the field will keep on increasing for enhancing their business processes and products’ scalability. Round The Clock Technologies is always on a lookout for budding talents who can learn and grow with the knowledge of our domain and industry experts – get in touch with us at for career opportunities.