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Kickstart your Career in QA

Any product which is out there in the market today, needs to possess coherent quality for meeting the expectations of the end users. Quality Assurance as a discipline has brought in a much needed focus on enhancing a product’s overall competence through an end-to-end solution. QA and software testing services as a whole focuses on functional and non-functional components of a product, including but not limited to functional QE, automation testing, performance testing, security testing, globalization and localization testing, accessibility testing, etc. With QA thus, the IT realm has witnessed a drastic transformation – offering immense potential and opportunities for IT novices to kickstart their career in the realm.

Reasons for Starting a QA Career

For beginning a career as a QA engineer or tester, a number of reasons become pertinent for choosing this path. To elaborate on a few:

Every product/service needs quality – Needless to say that any product or service that is out there in the market today, needs to have quality embedded to its very core. Testing a product before it goes love or after its reception has become imperative and is here to stay. Choosing a career as a QA or tester becomes all the more viable with the age that we are in today and the demand that exists for ensuring quality of products or services.

Niche types of testing – Contrary to a few assumed notions such as testing is a mundane job, a career in QA actually is niche and refreshing. With the types of software testing services that exist, monotony is a far away notion for testing. Testing types such as test automation, accessibility testing, security testing, globalization and localization testing, mobile testing, functional testing, etc., make the domain a go-to market for novices. Albeit, different types of testing require specialized expertise, but it still becomes a niche domain wherein everyday and with every new product/service, there is a new learning attached to it.

Rise of product modernization – No longer are we living in a constrained world wherein age-old processes are still in play. With product modernization paving its path in the IT realm, processes and business operations are witnessing a massive transformation – efficiency and economies of scale have become the way forward. Product modernization in itself has become the present as well as the future – thus, offering QA novices and professionals a good platform to explore their talent.

Competitive compensation – A career in QA and testing also offers competitive opportunities and compensation. Since the job is highly in demand, organizations are meeting the monetary expectations of the candidates – offering monetary and even non-monetary incentives.

Thus, kickstarting a career in QA and the field of software testing services offer an array of advantages and the reasons suffice for beginning a career in the same. As the market floods with new products and services, the demand can only go higher and has an extremely promising future ahead.

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