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Globalization and localization testing

Going global by going local is Round The Clock Technologies’ deep-rooted belief. The world has become one and in the drive to digital transformation, this universalism needs to be incorporated in each and every product in the market. Globalization and localization testing become important testing efforts for a product to truly be “out there”.

Why Us

With three facets of Internationalization (I18N), Globalization (G11n) and Localization (L10N) testing, Round The Clock Technologies helps its clients make their product market-ready – not just to a specific set of audience but across the globe – be it Indic or European languages, our engineers have hands-on expertise in identifying and fixing user pain points in multiple languages and scripts. These testing areas also help create a wholesome product which incorporates linguistic, cultural and contextual nuances – making a product speak to any and all users, seamlessly.

  • Globalization and localization testing – Round The Clock Technologies leverages its end-to-end capabilities in globalization and localization testing with a seasoned pool of engineers who create comprehensive pipelines, identify strings, write and test scripts, creating and executing a wholesome framework with the required tools and technology.

  • Translation and linguistic verification – Round The Clock Technologies expertise spans not just across the testing effort for making a product locale-specific. With end-to-end workflows for translation as well as linguistic verification, our team creates a conducive process for making a product truly global and local. Identifying any linguistic incoherencies or culturally unsound facets that may hamper a product’s being, Round The Clock Technologies leverages the right set of resources to fix any anomalies.

Round The Clock Technologies offers comprehensive coverage for a globalization and localization testing effort – making it a go-to entity for clients in achieving efficiency, cost-effectiveness and global market-readiness.

Value Proposition:  

  • 1

    Hands-on knowledge across multiple languages

  • 2

    Seasoned pool of engineers and linguistic experts, serve as strong subject matter experts

  • 3

    Assurance of Agile environment, efficient deliverables and market-readiness

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