Round the clock technologies
Round the clock technologies

Security Testing

We find and fix every single vulnerability in your online application and make it penetration-proof!

Security is crucial for brand reputation, protect it with end-to-end security testing

Security loopholes may cost businesses heavily. Millions of dollars as well as reputation is put on stake when the business site or app is pinned down due to security lapse reasons. Don’t let your business go through this pain; bring on board the best security testing experts who are well-versed with all loopholes and have the tried and tested, industry approved solutions to fix them.

We, at RTC Tek, take pride in being with the trusted security testing partner for all businesses of high repute and working at different scales. 

Our security testing service is integratable with SDLC and allows you to have truly robust solutions to offer to your clients. We have integrated our testing process with industry best practices such as Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), Penetration Test Execution Standard (PTES), SANS 25 and OSSTMM (Open-Source Security Testing Methodology Manual). Serving clients to their best satisfaction with tools that are synonymous to performance excellence and reliability, we have managed to achieve an impressive portfolio of who’s who of the business world. Be the next big thing with our niche security testing services.

Why Choose Us

Robust shield to cyber attacks of all types

Make your business environment WFH-ready with our security testing that works intuitively and provides a fitting answer to all cyber threats.

Automated scanning and fixing

No security parameter will ever get overlooked with our automated scanning and threat fixing. Our emphasis on the use of DevSecOps offers a complete coverage of all software development life cycle incidents and beyond too!

Certified professionals with proven expertise

Our experts are hired and put to the job after thorough training. They are fully equipped in terms of knowledge and trustworthy industry-approved tools to deliver nothing but excellence every single time.

Real-time check of all security issues

We prefer performing security checks from the point of project take-off. And the association continues till all the QA parameters are ticked. With our testing service taking the lead, you can be assured of only the robust apps and solutions hitting the shelves.

Complete resource pool to offer excellent security testing

Our resource pool comprises the latest testing tools and technologies that have the capability to provide intuitive, proactive and fully comprehensive testing cover. Wield the power of automation to beat the hackers in their own game; enjoy saving millions and brand reputation as an incentive for partnering with us.

Our DevSecOps sets us apart 

We strive to make security testing an agile, effective and intuitive process. That is why, we have adopted DevSecOps not as a procedure but as a philosophy to ensure achieving the finest and safest experience for the end users. Our testing procedures are fully automated, designed-to-fit and have the agility that ensure rolling out of the applications in record less time and without loopholes.

Our Process Features

Constant Inspection

Don’t wait for a security loophole to show its ugliness; be ready to combat it with the vulnerability tests and solutions put in the right places and for use in case-specific manner. We audit security postures continually to ensure that security systems never fail and work effectively.

Scan Login History

Security testing done at granular level can help assure password hygiene, authorized access guarantee, sniffing of unauthorized login attempts. Alerts and notifications for device and location of access helps take timely actions.

More intelligent vulnerability management

We offer enterprise-level smart vulnerability management solutions to have a security cover that spells impregnability. Our security testing team of ethical hackers and auditors never lets your guards go down by ensuring point-wise vulnerability checks carried out in a cloud environment.

Automated API check

Protect your APIs, which are essential to your business, from misuse and flaws. Our security testing expertise ensures that all APIs are examined for minutest of flaws and adherence to the best security practices.

Designed to fit Developers’ needs

Deliver solutions that spell robustness!

  • Collaborative working with our security testing experts is sure to bring seamlessness in the development process

  • Develop codes keeping all points of vulnerability in consideration

  • Perform tests while ‘on the development mode’ to speed up the process

  • Fix every vulnerability issue to deliver unmatched satisfaction in terms of security

  • Complete development process reinforced with security tests results to ensure quality

Tools we use 

No process becomes reliable unless supported by industry-approved, trusted tools and technologies. We base our performance assurances on the tools that stand apart in reliability and deliverability. 

Our confidence and security testing excellence emerge from time-forward tools and technologies we employ to achieve exceptional results always. The team at RTC tek specializes in the following web application security testing tools –

Core Impact
Network packet analyser and sniffing tools - Wireshark
OS- Kali linux
Proxy Tools like - Charles ProxyBurp Suite

All That Our Security Tests Cover

Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment (VAPT), we check your cloud architecture for any configuration mistakes that could allow unauthorized users access to your system, affecting your reputation and the trust of your customers. There will be coverage of all significant security standards, including CIS, CSA, OWASP, SANS, CERT, CREST, SOC2, and ISO27001.

Verification of Payment Manipulation

Uncover weaknesses in your payment gateways right at the development stage and checkout pages to protect your website from form jacking, price gouging, and other threats.

Removing vulnerable points

Recognize the areas that require improvement to provide robust website or app security. We’ll perform all security tests thoroughly and  provide you with a full report that includes extensive guidelines and step-by-step proof of the checks performed and solutions added.

Server infrastructure testing and DevOps

Verify encryption and secure data storage, enhance DevOps practices, and audit current configurations to make sure your data is never compromised.

Stay Informed with a Straightforward Dashboard

View live reports on vulnerabilities and engage with our knowledgeable team through the dashboard. Request a rescan following a patch-up to ensure the security of your website.

Network Device Configuration

Based on device configuration, administration and authentication services, network filtering, protocol analysis, and the device’s patch level, we’ll assess the implementation of logging and auditing, authentication mechanisms, and testing.

Logic Checks for Business

On your website, it is possible to manipulate prices and expand privileges. Hackers may be able to circumvent security measures and obtain private information. We go much further through testing of business logic.

To look for CVEs already known

We can find any security holes and widespread weaknesses that hackers can exploit against your business using the security audit.

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