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Usability testing

Keeping users’ requirements and acceptance criteria as a priority, a product needs to be modeled around the same ensuring seamless experiences. Usability testing becomes a go-to effort to be availed by organizations to enable such rich user flows.

Why Us

Round The Clock Technologies puts a keen focus on making products “for the user and by the user”. This essentially includes the voices of the users directly in identifying the real pain points and incorporating the right solutions for the same. Be it for web or mobile application testing, our end-to-end usability testing coverage helps create wholesome solutions for our clients.

  • Real users’ standpoint – Round The Clock Technologies embodies a pool of usability testing experts which comprises the real users who have minimal understanding of the product – thus, providing accurate and realistic results. The voice of users is seamlessly brought out by not just our in-house experts but also via efforts such as A/B testing with external users.

  • Wholesome identification and resolution – Our usability testing team deploys end-to-end strategies to test an application or a website across different platforms, browsers as well as devices. A wholesome testing effort results in identifying and resolving maximum pain points across all environments.

  • Accessibility testing – As a subset of usability testing, our accessibility testing team meticulously identifies and fixes real-user pain points via a niche approach – comprising differently-abled users and SMEs (Subject Matter Experts).


Our usability testing services are designed to remove the guesswork from the development process and help clients make it exceptionally user-centric. 

The added user comfort achieved out of the proactive, intuitive and automated usability testing can upgrade your product from being just an item to a solution that no one would ever be able to resist. It simply means having products on the shelf that know precisely the users’ expectations and behave accordingly. It also means a better conversion rate and a significant increase in repeat orders.

We have designed remote usability testing services to provide a cost-effective and smooth solution to the clients. Our remote usability testing services keep confidentiality and adherence to norms on the highest pedestal always. These services allow you to focus better on core development; the testing part is always our responsibility!

Value Proposition:  

  • 1

    User-centric testing process achieved by offering MVP to real users: By leveraging our approach of testing websites and applications using real users, we offer you a practical overview of the possibilities of product improvement. It helps you touch the nerve of the end users correctly and also allows you to keep reinventing the product to expand its usability.

  • 2

    Comprehensive coverage across web and mobile applications: Our automated usability testing is suitable for both web and mobile applications. With a single module of running the test, the degree of usability in terms of device-friendliness can be ascertained, making the impending modifications well-timed and faster.

  • 3

    Effective collaboration and knowledge sharing across teams: We take pride in being capable of designing usability testing services that promote seamless knowledge-sharing across the teams. With all teams put on the same page, the resulting application or product stands out in user expectation and oozes brilliance end-to-end.

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